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Which is the most popular tour?

For those who are planning their first trip to a new city and only have a short tim e to spare, we would strongly recommend you to spend tim e with our experience consultants.This consultation is free of charge and it will maximise the best experience then you to explore the history, culture, and natural beauty of the world. 

What do Tours include?

All of our tours feature international and domestic flights, hotel accommodation, luxury air-conditioned coach transportation, daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) featuring local cuisine and delicacies, exciting sight-seeing, rich historical and cultural exploration, professional English-speaking tour guides, and also price and departure guarantees.

What do package include?

All of our package could include international and dom estic flights, hotel accommodation, airport transfer, meals deals (breakfast, lunch and dinner); it is free and easy for you to explore the city at your own style.

What do hot airfares include?

All of our hot airfares deals for both international and domestic flights, all inclusive of tax and airport surcharge.

What makes up the ideal tour?

Safe and reliable transportation, luxury accommodation, good food, exciting sight-seeing and an excellent tour guide. You'll find all of these features in all of our tours.

How flexible is the tour itinerary?

With all of our tours, the itinerary is very flexible. First, you have the choice of preferred airline (although of course, some carriers are more expensive than others). W e can also help you w ith pre and post tour arrangem ents. For exam ple, you might w ant to stay a few extra days in Singapore or H ong K ong to do som e shopping or visit friends that you m ight have there.

Also, you can join the entire tour from start to finish or just a part of the tour. For example, if you’ve been to Beijing, you can choose to skip that part of the tour and just visit the other places on the itinerary. Customised tours around the w orld is our strength,  so if you’re an avid traveller you can m ix and m atch different tour itineraries to fit your own.

From airport-hotel transfers, to sight-seeing trips, our luxury, air-conditioned tour coaches 

will ensure you have a safe and pleasant trip.